Working with My Ad Factory

Life presents you with various opportunities and I feel lucky and blessed to have an opportunity like this. I am working with a site called My Ad Factory and have been the opportunity to write their blogs and work on their social media platforms.

First and foremost, this is really exciting for me as it gives me the time to sit down and do what I like to do the most – write. I have been working on two books lately when I am not working at full-time job so it gives me a nice break and adds another activity to do when I feel like taking a break from my books.

Now a little about My Ad Factory, it’s allows its users to post free classified ads. Why is that important? Over time I will write short blogs, both on the site and on my personal blog as well to tell you why it’s important to why classified sites are important to promote your services and businesses.

My Ad Factory Logo
Want to promote your services or business for free? Post a free classified ad today.

This is a short update of something big in the making and I am truly honored to be a part of it and share it with you. Please take some time to like their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Many thanks.