What is wrong with Twitch and it’s biggest streamers?

A lot of people, both viewers and streamers, have been complaining about Twitch. The concerns seem to be surrounding some of its biggest female streamers and how they seem to escape the ban hammer. There have been numerous cases in the past which I would love to dig up and link here but why dig up what happened months ago, when all we have to do is look at what happened a few weeks ago.

I made a video on it on my YouTube channel which you can find embedded below. It covers some of the recent events I wanted to cover about Twitch’s recent fails. However, there were a couple of points I missed out because if I had included those points in the video as well, it would have been an hour long.

Twitch erasing Ninja’s Legacy:
There is no denial that Ninja grew a lot on the platform and Twitch helped towards it but there is also no denying that before Ninja became the streamer he is now, he had to work on it himself. Both Ninja and Twitch worked hand-in-hand and both benefitted from that partnership. So, the moment news broke out that Ninja is moving over to Mixer to stream exclusively on their platform, Twitch began acted what can only be described as a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Twitch got rid of all of Ninja’s videos from his channel which was a shame because Ninja still had some audience over at Twitch who would have loved to come over to Twitch to see his VODs but since they were unavailable, they had no reason to stay at all. Even more surprising when you realise that Ninja was not banned or suspended from Twitch so to delete his VODs like this was completely unnecessary.

Twitch even began promoting other people’s streams on his channels. Some people thought it was disrespectful for the streaming site to do so but it was no different from the time when Ninja’s streams were promoted on Dr. Disrespect’s stream which the Doc said was “a conflict of interest” at the time. But speaking of other streams being promoted on Ninja’s channel, one particular stream attracted a lot of attention which brings us over to…

Promoting an adult stream:
Of all the streams that was being promoted on Ninja’s channel, a stream featuring a pornographic content was also promoted. It attracted the attention of many streamers and even Ninja weighed in on it. The streamer was visibly upset for his younger viewers who may go back to Ninja’s profile on Twitch to see his older videos, only to find NSFW content being advertised on his channel.

Twitch apologized but by then, it was too late.

The Conclusion:
It is quite clear that the moderators are not doing a good job at monitoring the streams and applying the TOS evenly across the board. Because if the streams were being monitored, someone must have picked up on the fact that a famous stream that is also being promoted on a channel that once belonged to their top streamer was promoting pornographic content.

Twitch’s moderators has been criticized in the past for not doing their jobs right and these incidents present a clear picture – someone needs to reshuffle the moderation team and needs to deliver a kick up their backsides to apply the TOS evenly across the board. The moderation team needs to stop giving leeway to their biggest streamers or even their favourite streamers and let’s be real here, they will have favorite streamers that the moderators bend over backwards for.

C’mon, Twitch. Get your act straight.

YouTubers exposed | James Charles | ProJared

About a week ago, two YouTubers were exposed people that were closest to them. Yes, I am talking about ProJared and James Charles.

Now, I have a video on these two already which will be embedded in page below but I am going to using this space to address my concerns about the kind of people YouTube promotes and who we as people choose to follow.

I’m gonna start with ProJared because I’ve had a pretty lengthy rant about him in my video so I’m not going to go hard on him on the site. However, it does raise an interesting question about his ethics. The guy was sending pictures of his *private parts* to women on the net and had set up a tumblr account to receive nudes from other women. The question is, how could he get away with something like this?

And the answer is simple, he was getting away with it because of his YouTube fame. The popular you are on YouTube, the more likely you will be getting away with terrible things. ProJared was exposed by his wife Heidi and full disclaimer here: I got more annoyed at the fact that Jared cheating on his wife Heidi who is a stunner. Meanwhile, I can’t even get a text back. All I get is a restraining order.

So, Heidi pretty much told everything about the guy which makes me wonder, if this was an average dude who had a wife like Heidi, he may not have gotten away with the things he’s done for that long? Once again, the point comes to him being treated like a celebrity because he had 1 million subscribers. He was in a position of power and he had the fame to back it up.

But even worse, was James Charles. The guy was endorsed by YouTube, was included in YouTube Rewind 2018 (the most disappointing Rewind video and probably the most disliked video in recent memory), had make-up deals and a bank balance people like myself could only dream of.

And what does he do? He uses his fame, fortune and influence to try and trick/force straight men into having sex with him. The whole ordeal was exposed by Tati and I have to say, the stuff is quite haunting. Tati is the reason James Charles is what he is today, really. He is big because of her. Tati and her husband went above and beyond for James Charles and he stabs her in the back by signing a contract with her competitors. So, she let open the floodgates and everything just poured out.

I am just drained by all this. Honestly. I see these news articles trying to ask YouTube to curate videos of people who these journalists believe are right-wingers but then there are people like James Charles who do the same kind of stuff as Harvey Weinstein i.e. using social influence to get people to sleep with them. The only difference is, the media backlash against was Harvey Weinstein was so powerful that it destroyed the man but it seems like apart from some YouTubers, no one in the mainstream media is talking about James Charles.

Sexual harassment is sexual harassment, regardless of does the act and who the victim is.

But hey, what do I know? I am tired, drained out because I spent a lot of time working on the video and now, I’m off to bed.

NowThis Politics got #BelieveWomen completely Wrong

Wow, what a year 2018 has been. I do not know which year was the worst, 2016 or 2018? My money has to be on 2018 because so much happened in 2018 that if I counted everything that went wrong, I would probably be whole night and I still won’t finish.

One of the biggest news that emerged this year was the Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford case. Brett Kavanaugh was accused of raping Dr. Ford when they were in high school. Because Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by President Donald Trump for the position of Supreme Judge or something, the entire thing took a political twist very quickly and lo and behold, everyone on the American news was talking about it.

Among the propaganda that was being spewed out by the American media and the amount hate that was thrown at Brett Kavanaugh was astonishing, especially when considering that the verdict had not even been passed. He was immediately billed as a rapist and Dr. Ford was hailed as some hero who dared to speak against a man of power and challenge the “patriarchy”.

One of the propaganda videos that were spewed out was a video by NowThis Politics titled, ‘Men must make sure that other men believe women’.

The video was politically driven and I did not appreciate the approach the video was taking. For the uninformed, the video on the surface said that if a woman makes a claim, she should be believed because the repercussions are great when a woman speaks about her rape because she was very little gain.

But underneath all that, the video was trying to say that we should believe Dr. Ford because she is getting constantly harassed by Kavanaugh Supporters and she had very little to gain from it. Another thing about the video that rubbed me the wrong way was how the video was trying to target men but the real target were women, especially the ones who have been sexually assaulted.

Women saw the video and instantly connected with it and when such connection is formed, they stepped forward and defended any criticism lobbed towards the video. The video or the narrator did not have to defend anything about the video when there were rape victims out there defending the video and any criticism would be labelled as misogyny or hate speech.

I know because it happened to me. I made a rebuttal video to it and even though I kept a neutral stance throughout the video, it still did not sit right with some people. The video is embedded below if you want to see it.

I do put my hands up that the video could have been better because I forgot to include some bits of information. This is the beauty of the internet today. What I could not include in the video, I will include here on my website.

Dr. Ford’s GoFundMe account:

“Very little to gain”, said Allan in the NowThis video. Well, according to the Go Fund Me site,
Team Christine Blasey Ford managed to raise $647,610
. Yes, you read that correct. Now, truth be told, there was a fundraiser for Brett Kavanaugh as well but it was not as much was Dr. Ford. More information about both their fundraisers can be found here, which also clearly states that BOTH parties received death threats.

Two women admitted they lied about the rape:

Now, this does NOT, in any way means that Dr. Ford is lying, but two women who had previously accused Brett Kavanaugh admitted that they lied about the accusation.

Many women who support #MeToo don’t support Dr. Ford:

Yes, you read that correct too. To my surprise, when I tweeted out the link for my video, it was retweeted by a lot of women who support #MeToo.

Michael Avenatti got trolled by 4Chan:

Now, I do not know how much truth there is to this story but apparently, someone 4Chan user managed to troll Michael Avenatti, the legal representative of women who filed cases against Brett Kavanaugh into believing that he was speaking to a woman who was raped by Kavanaugh in high school. I am not going to elaborate on this but the video embedded below pretty much sums it up. Once again, I am not sure how true the story is but if it is, Michael Avenatti needs to reconsider his career options.