YouTubers exposed | James Charles | ProJared

About a week ago, two YouTubers were exposed people that were closest to them. Yes, I am talking about ProJared and James Charles.

Now, I have a video on these two already which will be embedded in page below but I am going to using this space to address my concerns about the kind of people YouTube promotes and who we as people choose to follow.

I’m gonna start with ProJared because I’ve had a pretty lengthy rant about him in my video so I’m not going to go hard on him on the site. However, it does raise an interesting question about his ethics. The guy was sending pictures of his *private parts* to women on the net and had set up a tumblr account to receive nudes from other women. The question is, how could he get away with something like this?

And the answer is simple, he was getting away with it because of his YouTube fame. The popular you are on YouTube, the more likely you will be getting away with terrible things. ProJared was exposed by his wife Heidi and full disclaimer here: I got more annoyed at the fact that Jared cheating on his wife Heidi who is a stunner. Meanwhile, I can’t even get a text back. All I get is a restraining order.

So, Heidi pretty much told everything about the guy which makes me wonder, if this was an average dude who had a wife like Heidi, he may not have gotten away with the things he’s done for that long? Once again, the point comes to him being treated like a celebrity because he had 1 million subscribers. He was in a position of power and he had the fame to back it up.

But even worse, was James Charles. The guy was endorsed by YouTube, was included in YouTube Rewind 2018 (the most disappointing Rewind video and probably the most disliked video in recent memory), had make-up deals and a bank balance people like myself could only dream of.

And what does he do? He uses his fame, fortune and influence to try and trick/force straight men into having sex with him. The whole ordeal was exposed by Tati and I have to say, the stuff is quite haunting. Tati is the reason James Charles is what he is today, really. He is big because of her. Tati and her husband went above and beyond for James Charles and he stabs her in the back by signing a contract with her competitors. So, she let open the floodgates and everything just poured out.

I am just drained by all this. Honestly. I see these news articles trying to ask YouTube to curate videos of people who these journalists believe are right-wingers but then there are people like James Charles who do the same kind of stuff as Harvey Weinstein i.e. using social influence to get people to sleep with them. The only difference is, the media backlash against was Harvey Weinstein was so powerful that it destroyed the man but it seems like apart from some YouTubers, no one in the mainstream media is talking about James Charles.

Sexual harassment is sexual harassment, regardless of does the act and who the victim is.

But hey, what do I know? I am tired, drained out because I spent a lot of time working on the video and now, I’m off to bed.