What is wrong with Twitch and it’s biggest streamers?

A lot of people, both viewers and streamers, have been complaining about Twitch. The concerns seem to be surrounding some of its biggest female streamers and how they seem to escape the ban hammer. There have been numerous cases in the past which I would love to dig up and link here but why dig up what happened months ago, when all we have to do is look at what happened a few weeks ago.

I made a video on it on my YouTube channel which you can find embedded below. It covers some of the recent events I wanted to cover about Twitch’s recent fails. However, there were a couple of points I missed out because if I had included those points in the video as well, it would have been an hour long.

Twitch erasing Ninja’s Legacy:
There is no denial that Ninja grew a lot on the platform and Twitch helped towards it but there is also no denying that before Ninja became the streamer he is now, he had to work on it himself. Both Ninja and Twitch worked hand-in-hand and both benefitted from that partnership. So, the moment news broke out that Ninja is moving over to Mixer to stream exclusively on their platform, Twitch began acted what can only be described as a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Twitch got rid of all of Ninja’s videos from his channel which was a shame because Ninja still had some audience over at Twitch who would have loved to come over to Twitch to see his VODs but since they were unavailable, they had no reason to stay at all. Even more surprising when you realise that Ninja was not banned or suspended from Twitch so to delete his VODs like this was completely unnecessary.

Twitch even began promoting other people’s streams on his channels. Some people thought it was disrespectful for the streaming site to do so but it was no different from the time when Ninja’s streams were promoted on Dr. Disrespect’s stream which the Doc said was “a conflict of interest” at the time. But speaking of other streams being promoted on Ninja’s channel, one particular stream attracted a lot of attention which brings us over to…

Promoting an adult stream:
Of all the streams that was being promoted on Ninja’s channel, a stream featuring a pornographic content was also promoted. It attracted the attention of many streamers and even Ninja weighed in on it. The streamer was visibly upset for his younger viewers who may go back to Ninja’s profile on Twitch to see his older videos, only to find NSFW content being advertised on his channel.

Twitch apologized but by then, it was too late.

The Conclusion:
It is quite clear that the moderators are not doing a good job at monitoring the streams and applying the TOS evenly across the board. Because if the streams were being monitored, someone must have picked up on the fact that a famous stream that is also being promoted on a channel that once belonged to their top streamer was promoting pornographic content.

Twitch’s moderators has been criticized in the past for not doing their jobs right and these incidents present a clear picture – someone needs to reshuffle the moderation team and needs to deliver a kick up their backsides to apply the TOS evenly across the board. The moderation team needs to stop giving leeway to their biggest streamers or even their favourite streamers and let’s be real here, they will have favorite streamers that the moderators bend over backwards for.

C’mon, Twitch. Get your act straight.