SEO Consultancy

No business succeeds if it is not noticed by its target audience and in today’s day and age when having a strong online presence is a must, it has become vital for businesses, new start-ups and established alike, to have an online front for their customers. But just an accompanying website for your business does not guarantee success. Where it is positioned on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) makes a lot of difference.

Ask yourself, when was the last time I went on page 2 when I searched for something on Google? As search engines are becoming smarter giving users the results they want, it has become difficult for businesses to get noticed by clients and customers only because their business has dropped in SERP.

Listed below are some of the techniques that I employ to help sites rank better.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important. When someone searches online, they are using specific keywords or search terms to search for a product or service. Sometimes, site owners do not know which keywords to target. It is crucial to know what your audience is searching for and where you rank for that specific search term. Once that is determined, I focus on optimising the site for those relevant keywords.

On-site optimisation

This is fairly basic that involves a thorough site inspection and looking at various aspects of the site that could be improved. Meta tags, links, page URLs, anchor texts, headings, images, mobile optimisation – all these things are carefully analysed to make the site as search engine friendly as possible.

Website Performance Analysis

How long does your site take to load? Do you have a lot of JavaScript running in the back? Website performance is crucial because if you site takes too much time to load or is not mobile friendly, it will drop a lot of positions in SERPs.

Content Writing

Having content is relevant to products and services provided by businesses is vital as it greatly improves the user experience. You want the content to target the keywords but you don’t want to stuff it with keywords as Google treats it as spam and penalises sites using that approach. It’s all about maintaining the balance. Content for sites needs to be unique, updated often and should not be ‘copied and pasted’ from other sites because Google hates that too.

Link Building

Link building is essential as you need to drive traffic to your site. Correct link building can drive your audience to you through blogs, social media and directories.

Social Media

Social media has become very important in general as more and more people use mediums like Facebook and Twitter to interact with people and making their views more vocal than it was possible before. Having a social media page or account makes your business more accessible to general users.

Google Analytics

It is important to know who is your audience is and where they are coming from. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that not only verifies your site with the search engine but also tracks user behaviour on the site. You can determine how users interact with your site, their geographical location and how long they stay on the site for. All this information can help towards improving the site more.

PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

Your business may need an extra push when it comes to advertising. PPC Advertising by Google can help your business reach out to many with small simple steps.