Motivational videos for gamers to complete Real Life Objectives

Hey guys, what’s happening?

We gamers are awesome. We hunt dragons, capture a point with friends and live a fantasy life with all stats maxed out but when it comes to real life issues, we tend to fall flat on our faces.

How do I know? Because, I am a gamer too. Just like you I struggled to socialize with people, deal with anxiety and many other issues that unfortunately, gamers like myself have to put up with.

The thing is, there is not a lot of help available to us gamers, especially when considering that gaming is now being considered an addiction with rehab centres set too. While I wouldn’t call it addiction, I do think gamers do suffer from some social problems which are often neglected and we feel embarrassed to talk about them with fears of being labelled as ‘basement dwellers’, ‘shut-ins’ and so on.

Issues like Social Anxiety, how to talk to girls (or guys, depends on who’s reading this) I was attracted to, Personal goals, Personality development and so on.

I am not saying gaming is bad or there is anything wrong with gamers. I am saying that everyone has these kind of issues but because I am a gamer myself who struggled with issues like these in the past, I just want to offer some help and advice to those who need it.

I have decided to take upon myself to address some of the most persistent issues found in the life of an average gamer and nerd. There was nobody there to talk to me and guide me through these issues that I and many like myself put up with on a regular basis. I am going to be making those series and will upload them on my YouTube channel with hopes to helping all those who need it.

NOTE: Keep one thing in mind though that these are merely suggestions drawn from my own personal experiences. You may not agree with my videos or you may think that the advice is not applicable to you. Don’t live your life the way I am telling you to or the way I live my life. Take away from the video what you find may be helpful to you.

I hope the new series may be of some help to you but unlike my Rant Mode: Activated videos, these videos will be season based. I don’t know how many seasons I will make or how many episodes the first season will have but I will try my best to motivate you, my fellow gamer as much as possible so you may complete your real objectives as well.

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