Is Claudia Kim as Nagini in Fantastic Beasts 2 racially insensitive?

So, I have been hard on this video because I have set up a schedule for myself that I need to upload at least one video every week and this topic dropped on my lap last week. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to make a video on it.

Now, I admit – I am not a Harry Potter fan, never read the books, never saw the movies, probably will never see the movies and did not see Fantastic Beasts, which from what I know is supposed to be set in the same HP universe. I was surfing on Facebook when I noticed that someone tagged me to an article by Lad Bible about Racial Insensitivity in Fantastic Beasts 2. The issue was brought up by a teen author named Ellen Oh (who I have never heard of before and have never heard of any books that she has written as well) when she tweeted out saying, that it was racist to cast the South Korean actress Claudia Kim for the role of Nagini as the snake goes on to become the pet of a ‘White Man’ later on in the universe.

If you are aware of my mundus operandi, you would have realised it by now that this article did not rub me the right way. I mean, I like it when something rubs me the right way but the problem is, those moments are hard to get nowadays.

Anyways, I made a video on it and it’s now available on YouTube.

But if you cannot be bothered to watch the video, here’s the lowdown – it’s not racist and people who think like Ellen Oh are racists and sexists themselves. I think Ellen Oh wanted her ’15 minutes of fame’ and got them by attacking a famous author online by calling her ‘racist’.

I mean, how oblivious does a person have to be? When she said that she found it racist because an Asian girl, turns into a snake goes on to be a pet of a ‘white man’ – did it not occur to her that she is one who sounds racist? If I had seen the movie, that thought would have never occurred to me and I am sure, there would have been more people like myself who wouldn’t have thought like that but since Ellen Oh herself is racist and sees the world through the prism of ‘Racism’ and ‘Sexism’, she completely missed the fact that playing the role of Nagini could have been the biggest role Claudia Kim could have played till now. Will Claudia get to have a say in all of this?

I think, we have reached a point in our lives in this world where people are blinded by the notion of achieving equality that they fail to consider the inequality they create by their actions and words.

So, I am going to say it right here – Ellen Oh and people like her are the real racists here. As long as they feel that everything is racist, sexist and homophobic, and it needs to be pointed out by people like her, our society will remain divided.