Appropriation or Appreciation | Internet backs 18 year old Keziah Daum

I do not know if you are aware of this story but there was a trending news article that was making headline about an 18 year old girl named Keziah Daum in America who wore a Chinese dress called Qipao or Cheongsam. Naturally, it triggered a lot of culturally sensitive millennials who were shouting ‘Cultural Appropriation’ from top of their lungs. It started with a Twitter user named Jeremy Lam replying, ‘My culture is not your…prom dress.’

Keziah Daum was accused of Cultural Appropriation by Twitter user 'Jeremy Lam'
Jeremy Lam’s response to Keziah Daum’s photoshoot sparked a debate online

I beg to differ, though.

What’s ‘Cultural Appropriation’ to you may be ‘Cultural Appreciation’ to the person wearing the dress. It depends on the person wearing the piece of clothing. My friend asked me to make a video on the news article and I felt that I need to deliver. The video can be found below.

What was even funnier was how the internet really responded to all this controversy. I am disappointed that I did not come across these memes earlier.

Here are my top five picks:

1) Anakin Skywalker is offended with this picture as it is culturally appropriating Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker is offended with this picture as it is culturally appropriating Star Wars
Cultural Appropriation is strong in this one

2) I did not know that such outfits even existed

Even Italian People are offended with these outfits

3) I honestly have no idea why the internet is obsessed with the Bee Movie

The internet’s obsession with the Bee Movie

4) There are a lot of rumours online that Mark may not be human. So based on those rumours…

They are among us and our dear Mark could be one of them

5) The chemistry is explosive in this meme

Even Kim Jong-un is offended

18 year old girl named ‘Bethany Nava’ removed from train for foot on seat

I don’t know if you have already seen it or not but there is a video that has gone viral on social media about a police officer dragging a girl off a train because she had her foot on the seat.

When you think about it, it does not seem like a big deal that the girl was dragged off the train for a small thing like this but unfortunately, there is more to it than this.

There are a number of versions of the video doing rounds on social media that are edited to make it look like the police officer was in the wrong and used excessive force against the girl but don’t worry fam, I got this.

My ‘Rant Mode’ was activated and I had to do a reaction video which you can see below:

So, long story short: the girl’s name is Bethany Nava and she had her foot on the seat. In the video you can see that the little brat was quite upset when the officer dragged her off the train. I covered the entire video in my own video embedded above but there are a few things I would like to touch upon if you have not seen the video.

1- The police officer DID have her in an arm lock at one point but when he asked her how old she was, to which she replied she was 18 – the officer let go off her arm.

2- At the start of the video, the officer say to her that she was being ejected but when she refused to comply, the officer had to use force to get her off the train.

3- At one point of the video, Bethany Nava says to the officer something along the lines of, there is no law that says that she cannot put her foot on the seat. Metro’s 28 page customer code of conduct states that ‘placing feet or shoes on seats or furnishings’ is prohibited disorderly conduct, which may be penalized with a warning and/or ejection from the train.

4- The second woman identified as Selina Lechuga accused the officer of racism and even spat on him when she detained for abusive conduct – considering that she was not even related to Nava in any way. She was just a bystander who was ‘standing up for her people’.

5- Nava ‘probably’ would have been just fined and ejected but the fact that she impeded the officer’s investigation but not complying and refusing to provide her details (she can heard clearly that she does not have her ID as she just turned 18).

6- Bethany Nava said that she put her foot on the seat because she was ‘comfortable’ that way

7- Selina Lechuga even accused the officer to picking on minorities so he could make extra cash.

I would like to say here that the entire situation could have been averted if only the girl had taken her foot off the seat as told by the officer. That’s it.

It is not fair on other passengers who have to sit on the same seat where Nava had her foot. I mean, does anyone know what she has stepped into before she got on the train? Mud? Dirt? Shit? If she is not going to consider that aspect then I have no respect for her and to be honest, it’s good to see people like her getting arrested.

Also, do you think Lechuga would have cried racism if the arresting officer was not white?

In the end, I would like to say that this 18 year old brat and the other woman created a whole scene for no reason whatsoever and while I am not a big fan of police officers and all, I felt sorry for that officer who had to put up with that situation.

Will I go to Wales Comic Con again?

I was going through my Facebook timeline and found a post by Wales Comic Con that Cara Theobold (VA of Tracer from Overwatch) will be attending the convention in April 2018. As an Overwatch fan, I was like ‘oh, hell yes’ but unfortunately, I will not be attending the convention.

I have been to Wales Comic Con in December 2017 and have to say, it was an underwhelming experience. Considering Wales Comic Con was treated like a national affair that attracts the con-goers with its impressive line-up of guests and celebrities (I know I went there to meet Caroline Ravassa – VA of Sombra from Overwatch), I just did not enjoy my time there.

The convention I went to before the Wales one was MCM Comic Con London so I was really looking forward to finishing the year on a high note because MCM London was exceptional but Wales Comic Con had a lot of issues, particularly with its venue.

The venue was overcrowded and if anyone disagrees with this is living in denial and probably believes that the earth is flat. I could not move around without bumping into someone and because of that, I couldn’t even film my vlog much either.

Another issue with the venue was the lack of cash machines. There were none on the site. If you needed the cash, you had to leave the venue, go across the road (God help you if you are trying to cross the road wearing an outfit that restricts your line of visibility), line up outside a petrol station to withdraw some cash and then make your way back to the venue. It was a horrendous feeling and for the first time in my life, I was glad I was not cosplaying.

The third issue with the venue was that it was organised at an university so the entire event was not under one roof but was in multiple buildings. Every time you left one building to go to another one, your bags were checked and your wrist bands were checked too. Imagine spending your whole day there and every time from one building to the other, you were being checked.

Another issue were the stalls. There was a TENT set up (again, overcrowded) where you could go and buy some nerdy stuff. Where most conventions focus on merchandise and stalls, Wales Comic Con just put them in a tent which was not even that spacious. There were some other merchandise on sale too in one of the buildings where most celebs were sat but not much.

If there was anything good in all of this was that I meet Carolina Ravassa.

Oh, I also met Chloe Hollings again…

…but if you take that out, the entire Wales Comic Con was a bit of a let-down and I don’t think I will be attending it again.