Ghostbusters 2016 | Misogynists and Feminists on the net

What’s going on, people? Suneil Angel here and today, I am writing a blog that I should have had written a long time ago but never got around to. I know I am late to the party but I had to share with you a piece of my mind about the casting controversy of Ghostbusters 2016 and how the media reacted to it.

Ghostbusters 2016
Ghostbusters 2016

First off, let me get a few things out of the way: I am all up for equality for men, women and the LGBT community and while I am here, I would also put it out there that I do not think that the 2016 reboot of the Ghostbusters movie was terrible. It was an ok-ish movie but my problem is how the reboot was handled and how media labelled the outcry of the fans as misogyny.

For those who do not know, Ghostbusters 2016 was a reboot of the franchise that began its life in 1984, starring a group of men who captured ghosts. The film found its audience at the cinemas thanks to its humour and the cast that gelled perfectly together. IMDB rating for the film is 7.8 out of 10 which is pretty good.

Cast of the Original Ghostbusters

It even got a sequel in 1989.

There had been talks of a third movie since the second one but Sony could not churn one out but the success of the first movie led the studio on a path that would turn the Ghostbusters movie in a franchise that is still remembered in many people mind. That included the videogames on retro consoles, books, manga and comics.

But that’s not it, Ghostbusters even got an animated TV show called The Real Ghostbusters that featured the original characters, not actors and the series ran from September 13, 1986 to October 5, 1991. The series had 140 episodes spread across 7 seasons.

The Real Ghostbusters featured the original characters and was set after the events of the first film

The animated TV show was so successful that there was a follow-up animated show called The Extreme Ghostbusters and it aired in the late 1997. It had one season of 40 episodes.

The last outing that saw the characters and actors reunite once again was for the PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 game called Ghostbusters: The Videogame in 2009. The game was critically praised and sold over one million copies, which is respectable in gaming terms.

Ghostbusters: The Videogame was released in 2009 and has sold over a million copies.

With a rich legacy in mind, one has to wonder: why would Sony reboot the franchise?

The logical answer to that would be because the original cast members are now too old to bust anything. I am sorry but I am being honest here. It would have been amazing to see Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Husdon (Harold Ramis, who played Dr. Egon Spangler in the first two movies sadly passed away in 2014) don their jumpsuits again with their proton packs but that was not going to happen. So, Sony decided to carry on the franchise by introducing new characters.

The problem was, this was not the fans were asking for.

When the first two movies came out, it was not just grown-ups who saw the film but kids too and these kids grew up with childhood memories of growing up with the franchise in the form of comics, videogames and the TV shows.

So, when the reboot was announced and it was revealed that the new movie would feature new characters, fanboys (and girls!) were not happy that the characters they grew up watching and fell in love with were not appearing and the original cast was simply reduced to just cameo appearances in the film.

It had nothing to do with Ghostbusters 2016 featuring an all-female lead.

The trailer on YouTube became the most disliked trailer by May 2016 and the ninth most disliked video on the video streaming service. Fans were unhappy with the choice of the actors and because they were women, their disapproval was labelled as misogyny. Trolls only added fuel to the fire that was already blazing high.

Is the Internet really filled with misogynist men who can’t stand the sight of women?

Feminists and SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) came to the rescue in the most bizarre fashion ever – one that not only a disgrace to the ethics of journalism but also a disgrace to the Ghostbusters franchise. If you do not believe me, take a look at some of the reviews I managed to pick up from Rotten Tomatoes.

Eleanor Ringel Cater wrote in her review on SaportaReport:
“After all, these ghostbusters are – gasp – female, a notion so catastrophic that a zillion trillion Blog Boys have had something akin to a collective meltdown. That Heiss is played by Bill Murray, one of the original ghostbusters back in 1984 (and, again in the so-so sequel), only adds to the “take that, misogynist idiots” joke.”

It needs mentioning here that not all downvotes and hatred came from men. There were some women as well who shared their displeasure online as well but since the cast is female and they are being hatred, so it must the men who hated them.

Erika W. Smith of Bust Magazine wrote her review of the film with the headline:
“The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Is Better Than The Original — YEAH, I SAID IT: BUST Review”
It should be worth mentioning here the original has an IMDB rating of 7.8 out of 10 while the reboot has 5.3. Clearly, this journalist has no idea what she is talking about.

Rebecca Pahle, from Pajiba, wrote,
“To all the Internet manbabies convinced that Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot will be the worst thing ever to hit theaters on the basis of RUINING MAH CHILDHOOD: Sorry not sorry, you big dopes. It’s actually a damn fun movie. I know, I know.”

She also wrote in her review: Rowan North is like if Reddit became a person, except without the cursing or rape threats. (PG-13, y’all.) He does not have a neckbeard, physically. But he is a neckbeard, spiritually. He’s a bullying victim turned bully, a man who thinks his intellect entitles him to obedience and respect from people he believes to be inferior to him in every way. When he doesn’t get it, he lashes out. He has definitely used the word “sheeple,” and not ironically.

Wow, this reviewer is not biased in any way whatsoever.

Linda Cook of Quad City Times wrote her outstanding review of the film with the headline:
“You shouldn’t be afraid of the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot”.

Notice, in her review, she never mentions the pacing of the script, character development, the quality of visual effects or the quality of the film in general but she rates it a solid 3 out of 4.

There are many other reviews out there like these ones I have just showed you that basically shame you if you try and say that you are not happy with the casting choice. The thing is, internet has once again, misunderstood the entire issue. The issue is not that the cast is all-female, the issue is that the original characters are not making a return but the SJWs and Feminists are labelling them as misogynists.

It was obvious that Sony had a problem with the original cast now too old to bust some ghosts and they had to find a solution. Trouble is, they found the wrong solution.

There are three things I would like to mention here.

First: why would they cast an all-female lead here? How can they allow that? Just level with me on this: if they had starred men instead of women and changed their names to ones in the original movie, do you think all this issue would have taken place? Of course, not. Casting women as leads was nothing more than a gimmick implied by the director to appeal to the female demographic as Paul Feig did previously with his movies like Bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid was also directed by Paul Feig, the man behind Ghostbusters 2016 reboot.

Second: Ghostbusters 2016 failed to impress many at the box office which made Feminists cry from the top of their lungs that it was the misogyny of the internet fanboys (seriously, there were girls too, you know?) that led to the poor box-office collections. This is a poor argument as evident by the record breaking box-office collections of Wonder Woman which came out in 2017. Do you know why that happened? Because Wonder Woman stayed true (as much as it could) to the original source material while being loyal to the original fan base – something Ghostbusters 2016 could not do.

Wonder Woman performed very well at the box office, even when it was faced with the criticism of starring an Israeli actress in the lead who has even served in the army as part of the two year mandatory service and the film was denied release in some Muslim countries

Third: if Sony really wanted the franchise to move forward, why did they not go with the storyline of the Extreme Ghostbusters? For the uninformed, Extreme Ghostbusters was set years after the events of the animated TV show The Real Ghostbusters which showed Dr. Egon Spangler recruiting teenagers to become the new generation of Ghostbusters after the original crew parted ways. Now I know this storyline would have been impossible to pull off as Harold Ramis is no longer among us, but it would been nice to see the original cast passing the mantle over to a new generation of Ghostbusters as they retire – thus waving a respectful goodbye to the fans that made the franchise so popular and welcoming a new wave of fans.

The Extreme Ghostbusters was a follow-up to The Real Ghostbusters in 1997

But unfortunately, that was not the case. This movie has gone down the dump as many other have gone including the Tom Cruise starrer The Mummy reboot. Seriously, when even Tom Cruise cannot get the audience in the cinema, you know you made a mistake.

My vlog is also up is you fancy checking it out. More videos are on my channel Suneil Angel” if you fancy a browse.

That is all for today. Stay safe and peace out.

Comic Con 2017 | Manchester | Photos and Video

Whew! Where to even begin? First off, I must apologise for being late in posting this blog but after I came back from Manchester Comic Con, I had some stuff to do on Monday and from Tuesday – I had been at my workplace. So, I did not have the time to write a proper blog about it.

Right, time to dive into it.

Manchester Comic Con was great and it was a pleasure to watch all these amazing people with their cosplays and how they brought the fictional characters to life. My family members, who know that I have been attending Comic Con for the past two years were shocked to see the level of dedication put in by these talented cosplayers. You can see all the photos I took of these cosplayers below:

A collection of photos taken on Day 1 and Day 2 of Manchester Comic Con 2017. Feel free to tag yourself in the pics.

Posted by Suneil Angel on Sunday, July 30, 2017

This year, I cosplayed as Deadpool for the first time but I tried to bring a new touch to the cosplay. I always thought, if Deadpool and the Godfather ever had a crossover, what would it look like? Well, I would look something like this:

I bought the mask over Amazon and a fancy Mafia themed props which cost me £28 in total, put on a suit and viola – my Mafiaso Deadpool outfit was ready. Walking around with the mask on was not that difficult but it did take a toll on me at the end when I went to Fab Café at the end of the night for the after-party. Me, nor my friend Claire who was dressed as Harley Quinn from Arkham Series had it in us to party the night away.

On the Sunday, I was walked around in my civvies and took some time out to film some cosplayers posing for my vlog. Shout-out to all who the time out to pose. You can check out the full vlog below:

Comic Con is nothing without the merchandise stalls and this year, I did manage to bag me some cool stuff. I did make a vlog which will be linked below but if you do not fancy watching it, here is what I got: one Overwatch t-shirt, two Fairytail t-shirts, RWBY Volume 1, 2 and 3 on blu-ray, an anime called Another and a manga called Tomie by Junji Ito.

Overall, it was fun-filled experience and I am looking forward to more of these conventions in the future. To stay updated with my latest vlogs and news, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Rant Mode Activated: Real Men like Curves, only dogs go for bones

Don’t get me wrong. I am all up for equality and do not turn a blind eye towards racism or inequality in society but having said that, I also don’t believe in social justice and am a firm believer in handling these kind of issues in a certain way that doesn’t end create more inequality at the end.

For example, rather than recording and posting some injustice happening in front of me on Facebook or YouTube, I would rather inform the proper authorities and hand them the video over as evidence. This way, the people involved in the video are not publicly shamed and justice is delivered. We are not judges and it’s not our job to neither pass judgement on others nor publicly shame people who WE consider to be wrong.

This is why I am taking a personal stance against such public shaming quote ‘Real Men like Curves, Only Dogs go for Bones’.

Real Men like Curves, only dogs go for bones

Yes, you read that quote correctly.

There are a lot of variations of this quote online but the idea behind this quote is to empower women who are a bit overweight or fat so that they feel comfortable with their bodies and do not change it because men in society prefer skinny girls.

But in reality, what this quote actually does is that it’s trying to take the freedom away from men who having a specific dating preference and shames them for not dating a woman who is ‘curvy’.

Am I the only one who has a problem with it or is there someone else out there who is also affected by it?

First off, right off the bat – real men date whoever the hell they want to date. Society does not perceive real men as someone who dates fat women. Society depicts “Real Men” as someone is successful, has a stable job, knows what to do, has a clear goal, driven and ambitious. Real Men are often perceived as men who have a strong presence in society and knows how to get the job done.

But most of all, Real Men know how to treat a woman. Mind you, I said a Woman. It could be any woman.

So, if a Real Man is willing to go to school and college, graduate, grind to get a job and grind even harder to rise through ranks and get himself a decent pay, builds the confidence to face any adversity that stand in front of him – then please enlighten me, what gives you the right to dictate who he should and shouldn’t date? You were not there when he getting grades and getting that six figure job, and now when he has them – you decide to drop down on him and try to tell him that he is not a Real Man if he decides NOT to date you.

So what if he wants to date someone who is slim and petite? If he goes to the gym himself and decides to date someone who likes to go to the gym then, what’s the problem?

The problem is not with men who choose not to date you, the problem is you.

Yes, YOU.

You are the problem. Being fat doesn’t make you unattractive. What makes you unattractive is that being fat shows that you eat unhealthy food, eat a lot of unhealthy food, refuse to take care of yourself by working on your body and you live a lifestyle that could end up in you having a heart-condition, diabetes and even some forms of cancer. People primarily date with the intention of finding someone to settle down with and have kids and if you are fat and possess any of these health traits then there is a strong chance that you MAY pass it on to the child as well.

But no, you won’t admit that. Apparently, everything nowadays is about empowering women and it’s definitely not OK to fat shame people but for some reason, it is perfectly OK for fat women to shame slim, petite women who hit the gym, eat healthy and like to take care of themselves by calling them “Bones” or bag of bones.

Just because fat women refuse to work on themselves to make their lives better or healthier, they find it completely ok to shame women who do. You simply use this quote out of sheer hatred against men who have a decent job and turn you down by choosing a partner who is living a healthier life than you. You use this quote out of jealousy against women who look after their lives and end up getting the Real Man who always wanted but while you were sitting on your couch munching pizzas, the slim petite woman was grinding in the gym and eating healthy low-fat food.

‘But I have an eating disorder’.

Eating disorder is not a disease. If I kiss a girl who has an eating disorder, I will not be infecting with eating disorder too. Eating disorders can be controlled with the right kind of exercise and control. There are numerous success stories on the net of women who lost weight so it can be done. It requires commitment and dedication which you obviously, don’t have.

But since we are talking about eating disorders, then I guess you may have heard of a certain eating disorder called Anorexia – an eating disorder that makes people lose their appetite. In other words, they starve themselves to death.

So, here a question: if a guy decides to date a girl who has anorexia, will he be considered a dog for dating someone who has a bony body?

Just try and imagine for once, how a woman would feel who has anorexia.

before and after anorexia
Before and After Anorexia

Remember, you cannot dictate a human being’s life. Everyone has dating preference and it needs to be respected. Some people like to date women who are petite and some like to date women who are of the same ethnicity as them. It doesn’t mean they are dogs or racists, it just means that they are attracted to a certain type of people. Likewise, there are some people who like to date round women and some like to date people outside of their cultural background.

If we are to believe the old saying, ‘There is someone for everyone’, then there is someone out there for you too.

Just to conclude this blog, you are in-charge of your life. If you proud to be overweight, then good on you.

But if you are simply going to hide behind quotes like these and shame men for not choosing you, then you are the one to blame. That whole, Fat Acceptance movement sounds good to hear but reality is, your body is being affected by your fatness. If you are constantly out of breath and if your feet are hurting then that is your body trying to tell you that there is something wrong and you need to do something about it.

And let’s face it, only YOU can do something about it. It’s your life. You need to make a change. You need to motivate yourself and dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle. Commit to becoming a better you and work on it.

Remember: you are special. It’s your life. The world doesn’t belong to men, women, white, black, brown or to any other ethnicity, gender or class. It belongs to the people who dare to dream and work hard to make those dreams come true. Be one of them, dare to dream and work hard to accomplish.

Check out my vlog below: