MCM Comic Con 2018 | London | May 2018

How’s it going, people? Now, I know I am super late with this blog post because I have been super busy with some personal stuff in life but I am here and just wanted to share this little post with all the lovely people on the net.

Well, I was off from my full-time workplace from week commencing the 21st of May and on that weekend, I went to MCM Comic Con London. Needless to say, I had an amazing time there. It was a three day experience filled with cosplay, masquerade and merchandise.

MCM Comic Con Friday

The first day, I cosplayed as Mafiaso Deadpool and even made it in the papers. I couldn’t see properly but it was nice to meet other Deadpool fans and cosplayers.

Posted by Suneil Angel on Friday, May 25, 2018

MCM Comic Con Saturday

The second day, it was business as usual and I went around taking photos and filming other cosplayers.

Posted by Suneil Angel on Sunday, May 27, 2018

The vlog is up for MCM Comic Con 2018 if you want to see the cosplayers in action and all the other highlights from the floor.

MCM Comic Con Sunday

By Sunday, I was a bit tired but nevertheless, I continued.

Posted by Suneil Angel on Sunday, May 27, 2018

So, that’s just about wraps it all up. Next con I am going to attending will be MCM Comic Con Manchester and am looking forward to it.

Appropriation or Appreciation | Internet backs 18 year old Keziah Daum

I do not know if you are aware of this story but there was a trending news article that was making headline about an 18 year old girl named Keziah Daum in America who wore a Chinese dress called Qipao or Cheongsam. Naturally, it triggered a lot of culturally sensitive millennials who were shouting ‘Cultural Appropriation’ from top of their lungs. It started with a Twitter user named Jeremy Lam replying, ‘My culture is not your…prom dress.’

Keziah Daum was accused of Cultural Appropriation by Twitter user 'Jeremy Lam'
Jeremy Lam’s response to Keziah Daum’s photoshoot sparked a debate online

I beg to differ, though.

What’s ‘Cultural Appropriation’ to you may be ‘Cultural Appreciation’ to the person wearing the dress. It depends on the person wearing the piece of clothing. My friend asked me to make a video on the news article and I felt that I need to deliver. The video can be found below.

What was even funnier was how the internet really responded to all this controversy. I am disappointed that I did not come across these memes earlier.

Here are my top five picks:

1) Anakin Skywalker is offended with this picture as it is culturally appropriating Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker is offended with this picture as it is culturally appropriating Star Wars
Cultural Appropriation is strong in this one

2) I did not know that such outfits even existed

Even Italian People are offended with these outfits

3) I honestly have no idea why the internet is obsessed with the Bee Movie

The internet’s obsession with the Bee Movie

4) There are a lot of rumours online that Mark may not be human. So based on those rumours…

They are among us and our dear Mark could be one of them

5) The chemistry is explosive in this meme

Even Kim Jong-un is offended

Manchester Anime and Gaming Convention

Wow, I need to start updating my site more often. It was week before last week that I went to Manchester Anime and Gaming Convention 2018 but I never got around to post about it on my site.

Well, here’s the lowdown.

The actual convention was fun. It was not as big as last year or at least it did not feel as big as last year’s. The floor was jam-packed on the Saturday and I dedicated the entire day to taking photos and recording for my vlog.

Recording cosplayers was a bit tricky because there was not enough space for them to pose and with the rain pouring down, cosplayers stayed in most of the time. I took a lot of photos though which you can find on my Facebook page.

Posted by Suneil Angel on Saturday, April 7, 2018

As for the convention itself, it was pretty standard stuff with some nice add-ons. The Gaming Section was on the first floor and had classic Nintendo games on the NES to Super Smash Bros, Halo 5 and Mortal Kombat.

Merch was pretty cool ranging from t-shirts to collectables and Animes. It was standard stuff, nothing new.

But there was something that I was not expecting to be there – a maid café. Set up by Arcadia Maid Café, the idea was that food will be freshly prepared for customers and when you are having food, the maid would sit down, talk and play Pokemon with you. While I can imagine that it was nowhere near the Maid Cafés in Japan, I can appreciate the attempt. The problem I had with the café was the actual food. The Pikachu Pizza I ordered was burnt from the base and it was so hot that it burnt the plastic plate.

I sat out on the after-party on the Saturday night as I was tired thanks to my full-time job.

On the Sunday, I dressed as Mafiaso Deadpool and had fun just walking around meeting kids and grown-ups alike while uttering lines like, ‘Deadpool’s here to make you an offer you cannot refuse.’

So, in other words, it was good. I just wish the floor was a bit more spacious but I think there were some renovations taking place. That’s why, there was not a lot of space to walk around.

You can check out the full vlog below: